Friday, November 23, 2012

Ultra Beat to Snot 52k Trail/Hill Race

Important Notice: because we did not have 50 runners registered by July 1st for the 52k, we have revised the course and the distances hoping that it it will appeal to more people. The course will include all of the original Ultra Beat to Snot course,minus the section at High Head. This will be your hardest 5, 10, or 20k run ;) 

Race day check-in: 8:00-9:30am 
Start time: 10am for all races. 
*5k will be one 5k loop. 
*10k and 20k will be run on a 10k loop (once or twice). 
*Registration fee will be less now. If you registered already, you will get some money back. 

REVISED!!!!! See above!!!! 
The toughest 52k race in North America?!
NOTE: Date Change
Saturday September 14th, 2013    
Ski Wentworth, Nova Scotia    
Start time: 4am    

Have you ever been out for a run and thought "Dude...I am beat to snot!"? Whether you have or haven't, come on out for the toughest 52k trail 'running' race in North America (according to my limited research - based on elevation gain/loss only). 

We don't have any mountains around here, but we have hills that add up to some serious elevation gain. 14,000ish+ feet to be somewhat only 52k! Google Earth says somewhere between 1056m-1080m of gain per lap (3465'-3543') and my Suunto Ambit says somewhere between 1100m-1180m of gain per lap (3608'-3871'). This is climbing only, not a combined gain/loss! :) Four 13k laps on this course yield staggering numbers...and legs. 
You have the option to run, walk, and crawl by yourself, or you can compete as a team relay if you're not feeling up to your "personal worst (PW)" time for 52k! Heck, even if you do a relay you will have a 13k PW for sure! Since the course is made up of 4 laps of 13k each, you can wrangle up a team of up to 4 people and take turns smashing your quads :)

The day will be based out of the ski lodge at Ski Wentworth in the 'Apps' (Appalachians) of Nova Scotia, right at the bottom of the hill, which you will go up and down on numerous picturesque trails.

The majority of the course is actually on beautifully wooded single track and double track (65%), not just on ski runs (35%). Trekking poles are recommended for race day. Lots of hill work (hiking up and running down) for training would be a very wise move as this course's intent is to be very difficult. After all, it wouldn't be the hardest 52k race in North America if it was easy, right?!

I would guess that the top time for a solo runner will be around 7 hours, which is pretty slow for a 52k run. I'm also guessing that if you had a stacked team, it could be whipped off in 6ish hours. These are just rough guesses at the moment. A cut off time will be in place, which means that you'll have to start your last lap (4th lap) by 4pm! How hard can it be to do 39k in 12 hours!? Come find out!! :) Another cut-off will be in place at the end of the 2nd lap as well. This is for your safety and nothing else!

Red = Ski Run Yellow = Single Track Green = Double Track Purple = Off Trail

Revised course (no turn around point below High Head now)
This is the elevation profile for 1 lap (13k)
Lodging at the Valley Inn ( and the Wentworth Hostel ( are both within a 4 minute drive of Ski Wentworth. Assuming that you're feeling quite beat to snot afterwards, stick around for the post-race party and stay the night in Wentworth!
Check out the great write up by Charles Mandel here:
Registration is available here:
HUGE thanks to Ski Wentworth for being open to this crazy and fun idea!!

Prizing and sponsors to be announced in the near future.

Hope to see you there and don't forget your quads!


  1. looks like the worst course ever! can't wait to
    record a personal worst (PW) next year.

  2. Wow, brutal! May have to do it as a team!! Is it crazy that this sounds like fun!?!?

  3. Nice vid to go with it Jodi, Looks scary! I'll have to try it out. Remind people to bring their Glutes too..... they are our most fatigue resistant muscle!