Saturday, July 6, 2013

2013 SOG Results!!

Note: Could be typos since this was done on my phone :)

What a day in the hills of Wentworth!! Well done to everyone who battled the "feels like" temps of 37 degrees and the tougher course this year. You all really deserve a real "Trail Hero" medal ;) 

Thanks a huge bunch to Karine (endless support, course marking expert, and super helper), Laurie-Ann (co-time keeper extraordinaire), Bernie (rented a car from Fredericton, pre-ran the course at 6:30am, and sat in the brook all day long!! Good luck at the VT100!), Michael (train stopper and super supportive volunteer), Meghan's mom (food helper and cheerleader), Bob (co-photographer and cheerleader with me on course), Tania (delivered half of the race supplies to Wentworth), Keegan (13yr old dude that helped mark the course), Andrew W (willing to volunteer at the drop of a hat and the Pre-race DJ), the hostel folks (BBQ, support, etc), and Dianne (all the course clean up two years in a row, for the kind words and the super trooper attitude)!! Without all of you, this wouldn't have been such a success!!

We ended up with 80 runners this year!!! Two years ago, we had 36 and last year we had 58! Thanks for supporting the ever growing trail series!!

As mentioned in the pre-race briefing, a donation will be made to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust! Thanks for helping out to support this worthy cause!

Here's a pretty basic video that I did. Let me know if you'd like to have any of the not-so-blurry pics!

Here's some pics and a video from our lovely volunteer, Michael Gaudet! Thanks a bunch Michael!!

Results: let me know if I goofed up somewhere!

1st Glenn Trites. 1:09:40
2nd Martin Gleixner. 1:11:53 (sorry we missed you when we announced the results!!)
3rd Tony Bowron. 1:14:51
4th Darryl Ward. 1:15:21
5th Kevin Heppell. 1:18:20
6th Gordon Kiley. 1:22:12
7th Kevin Macdonald. 1:22:15
8th Matthew Baker. 1:25:21
9th Shawn Pryor. 1:26:30
10th Jeff Addison. 1:26:30
11th Jamie Cooke. 1:27:41
12th Conor Scallion. 1:29:22 
*13th Justine McMillan. 1:30:41
*14th Jenna Horner. 1:30:50
15th Zachary Boissonnault. 1:32:06
16th Martin Boissonnault. 1:33:06
*17th Rebekah Sanford. 1:33:14 
*18th Nicole McMillan 1:33:58
19th Greg Jones. 1:34:50
20th Rhodri Armour. 1:36:07
21st Scott Lawson. 1:36:17
*22nd Sarah Slemko. 1:37:10
23rd Andrew Woods. 1:41:28
24th Jerry Leblanc. 1:41:34
25th Pierre Roy. 1:41:42
26th Dan Tully. 1:44:50
*27th Shirley Richard. 1:47:37
*28th Mays Markabi. 1:47:45
*29th Meghan Rushton. 1:48:10
30th Joshua Robert. 1:48:10
*31st Kristin Honhorst. 1:48:15
*32nd Dianne Powell. 1:48:29
*33rd Karla Winham. 1:48:50
*34th Loriann Aikens. 1:50:58
35th Scott Dorcas. 1:51:42
36th Keegan McNamara. 1:52:33
*37th Aimee McCarron. 1:54:24
*38th Tania McNamara. 1:55:42
39th Alex MacEachern. 1:55:44
*40th Laura Wile. 1:56:07
*41st Toni Thompson 2:01:07
*42nd Aimee Cooke. 2:03:28
*43rd Julianne Baker. 2:08:55
44th Gary Baker. 2:08:55
45th John Fahey. 2:10:00
46th Matthew Taylor. 2:16:18
*47th Elaine Smith. 2:19:05
48th Richard MacDonald. 2:19:13
49th Bruce Murphy. 2:19:13
*50th Sarah Young-MacDonald. 2:23:35
51st Tim Hogan. 2:26:02
*52nd Allison Musseau. 2:34:52
*53rd Maryna Pogosyan. 2:34:54
54th Cedric Mallais. 3:58:51 (extra points for multiple river runs- 21k total!)
*55th Erin Henshaw. 4:25:25 (extra points for multiple river runs- 21k total!)
56th**Nicholas Anhorn. 1:09:10. Took an accidental short cut :) Could've been 3rd/4th if he went the right way!
57th Mike Bavis. DNS

Place. Name. Lap 1/finish time 
1st Rory Luxmoore. 1:12:26/2:26:50
2nd Jeff Simms. 1:12:47/2:30:50
3rd Shawn McCardle. 1:18:56/2:38:03
4th Tim Brooks. 1:15:01/2:46:16
5th Hannes Weiland. 1:20:43/2:51:20
6th Anthony Bell. 1:22:51/2:52:28
7th Darren Weaver. 1:24:35/2:55:20
8th Andrew Myatt. 1:19:36/2:59:47
*9th Sarah Newton. 1:22:40/3:02:43
10th Michael Minler. 1:28:20/3:09:14
11th Rob Chambers. 1:31:52/3:13:00
12th Rob Savard. 1:30:50/3:15:18
13th Robert Phillips. 1:24:15/3:16:11
14th Darren Kaulback. 1:27:58/3:16:11
15th Jack Kelly. 1:33:22/3:22:18
16th Colin Busby. 1:33:29/3:34:17
17th Blair Mann. 1:35:30/3:34:17
18th Matt Keith. 1:45:26/3:42:52
*19th Krista Keirstead. 1:41:47/3:44:08
20th Adrian Griffiths. 1:39:55/3:44:53
21st Matthew McMasters 1:50:22/4:00:59
*22nd Darlene Chapman. 1:38:24/4:31:23 (split her knee open at 11k, stopped at start/finish for 57mins, then continued to finish lap 2!)
*23rd Deb Silver. 2:19:40/4:50:39
24th Neil Silver. 2:20:25/5:10:12
25th Andrew Lowery. DNS
26th Jeff Zahavich. DNS

Next up...
Brookvale Ultra Trail Marathon, PEI- August 4th:

See ya on the trails!!


  1. Thanks for another awesome race! We had a blast :-)

  2. Thanks Jodi and Karine

  3. Thank you for a great event (as always!) - it's hard but it's my favourite race every year.

  4. Great event. Thanks a ton for organizing yet again. And...thank GOD for streams. Greg J.

  5. That was a sweet run and a goooood time! Jodi and Karine are quality humans.

  6. I agree. Awesome event! Does anyone know who I would contact regarding a lost and found? I'm missing a camelback and a pair of sunglasses. Cheers, -Justine (

  7. Great race, thanks again, Jodi and Karine.