Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Project I - Nuttby Mountain to Wentworth

Here's a little video footage of "Project I - Nuttby Mountain to Wentworth" with Anton and Colin. The plan is to get out and explore the trails of NS by doing these "adventure-type runs" and to end up with one heck of a route that will be pieced together in the end.
Novas Scotia has many 'off the beaten trail' gems and this is a great way to find some. Funny enough, on this particular run, it took us approx 50kms before we got to the waterfall area...but it was worth it. Immediately after the waterfall, and 3k from our finish, the trail went nicely downhill and through the hardwoods on the nicest trail section of the day. When we rounded 'the bend', we were still up high and the Wentworth Valley was sprawled out in front of us, easily visible through the trees. It was very reminiscent of our days at the TransAlpine Run in 2012 when you'd come over the top of a mountain, see the valley below, and know that the finish was just down there at the bottom. It was/is a beautiful thing.
Our route, more or less. 52.8k. 7h52m.

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  1. AWESOME!! Wow you guys are tough-I shivered just watching you cross that river! Nice work :-)